Beginning the Exploration of Writing Power in the Classroom

Why use the framework of writing power in my classroom you might ask? Well, I’m in my 9th year of teaching and 3rd year of teaching at the grade 5/6 level. I’m always looking for ways to improve student writing. The writing process framework helped explain the how, while the frame work of 6 + 1 writing traits helped explain the what. Writing Power helps explain the why, we write. Adrienne Gear (2011) states “good writing naturally results in readers making connections, asking questions, drawing inferences, visualizing, and transforming their thinking in some way.” Writing power is about writers thinking like readers. The instructional strategy of writing power is a structured approach, which adds:
• Layer of thinking to writing
• Linking reading instruction to writing instruction
• Emphasizes the process and techniques rather than the product
• Focuses on the why of writing not the how and what
• Does not replace writing workshops or the writing traits, but integrates them
• Provides topics, anchor books, and instruction to support writing
The framework has four parts and each one makes up a lesson. The layout is as follows:
1. Topic and Planning – remind students what strategy will be the focus of the lesson, the lesson focuses on a specific topic, read an anchor book to introduce the topic, graphic organizer for students to use. I plan on using an I do, We do, You do strategy so students are capable of using the organizers to the best of their ability.
2. Writing – share planning/graphic organizer sheet in pairs, writing technique focus, teacher models it, students write. Teachers in this stage can then work with another group of students.
3. Conferencing and editing – students conference with a partner using a strategy a star, a wish, and a think, students work independently to edit and revise.
4. Publishing – students produce a “good copy”.
As I read through the writing power framework, Gear (2011) suggests not every writing the student does needs to be published. This will help focus on the process more than the “good copy”

This is the basis which I plan on implementing into my curriculum. I intend to continue to blog as I go through the process of implementing the framework of Writing Power as laid out by Adrienne Gear. Stay posted for thoughts and reflections on this instructional strategy.


About Candy

Mother, Wife, Elementary Teacher, Grad student. Looking foward to using this blog as a reflection of my professional learning.
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