Changes in Technology

I can’t believe another week has gone by and I have not taken the time to sit and journal my reflections from last weeks class.  Here is what I took away from the lesson.

1) Technology has exponentially increased since I graduated from high school

2) My daughter will never know a world where knowledge isn’t at her fingertips.


Some of the technology I grew up with are the speak and spell. We never owned one but the teacher had one in her class as part of “free” time. There were 2 commadore 64’s in the classroom, where we played math or spelling games and then when I moved to high school there was a whole computer lab of IBM’s.  At home we had the Apple II e and my siblings and I played lemonade stand for hours and we had an Atari

game console

Photo Credit: Great Beyond via Compfight cc

 (this was before the original Nintendo entered the house). Our favourite game was Joust. Yes, I learned something new watching Alec Couros video.  First time inserting  a picture into my blog and it wasn’t that hard.  The hardest part was looking for the picture. Video games have definitely come along way in graphics and consoles.

Rick mentioned how the #edtech gurus which we know are all North American’s and questioned how come not scholars from Japan or China as they seem to be the ones who are producing and leading in the tech device world. Has anyone completed a search or tried to find people from the Asian countries.  I  completed a quick Google search and found there are conferences held in Asia; however the speakers/presenters are generally from N. America. Why?

On an interesting note, Televisions did not enter all homes in India until the 90’s and in Northern India the TV’s were black and white.  If it wasn’t for technology my in-laws could not interact with their granddaughter as she grows and changes.  Relationship building with technology at its best.



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Mother, Wife, Elementary Teacher, Grad student. Looking foward to using this blog as a reflection of my professional learning.
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