Blogging with Students

Last week we had the privilege of listening to @suewaters present the importance of blogging with students. I started blogging with students using a couple of years ago, but felt I didn’t have enough knowledge about using blogs myself to be able to capitalize on the learning through blogging with students.  After listening to @suewaters,  and blogging so far during #eci831, I am becoming more comfortable with my on-line presence and using a blog myself for reflective learning. I’m excited to get back into the classroom and get back into blogging with my students.  The edublogs student blogs help page will give me a great place to start with my students.  I also like the idea of using paper so my students will understand how a blog can help them learn.

Some issues came up in the discussion as well which I will need to address when I return to work.  The first and most important is being a digital citizen and how to conduct themselves responsibly on-line. The other is I need to look into the school divisions technology use policy to see if there are students who are not allowed to have pictures, names, etc. posted on-line.  I may have to start with the blogs being private and let the parents have access to their child’s blog, until the parents are comfortable and can see the benefit to blogging.  Sue discussed the rule of 3.  No more than 3 pieces of identity. The school name, picture, and students first name and last initial.  I will need to take this into consideration when I start my class blog.

My colleagues in the class discussed several ways to get around some of the issues stated above.  A suggestion was to have the students create an avatar.  I just created an avatar for myself and I can see students spending hours creating their on-line person.

Now to figure out how to replace my picture with my avatar.


About Candy

Mother, Wife, Elementary Teacher, Grad student. Looking foward to using this blog as a reflection of my professional learning.
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One Response to Blogging with Students

  1. mybrainstorm says:

    Hey Candy! thanks for the avatar link! Hope your project is going well!

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