Apps, Apps and More Apps

There are many ways I can use Google Apps in the classroom and with staff, so why Google Apps?

Apps on the phone, Apps on the tablet and now apps on the computer.  I used to use a jump/flash drive to place all my work. Now, I use Google drive to store all documents and pictures. And I still require students to have “old” technology of a flash drive, why don’t I use Google Drive with my students?  Using Drive, is as easy as syncing all devices to the same account, then all new photos or videos of my daughter are automatically saved where I have access to them no matter what device or where I am. The best part about using Google Docs is all my work is automatically saved and I will never lose a paper again when the computer or tablet runs out of battery. What a great concept. Must use with students, but how do I get around age restrictions or better yet get my division or school to get on board and load Google apps for education on the school computers? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Two weeks ago we had the privilege of listening to Michael Waker who opened my world even further to Google apps. I am an avid Drive and Doc user. This semester I am using Docs to write papers and collaborate with classmates in another on-line class. Just recently I used the comment capability to help proofread a paper. I have never thought to use drive or docs for student purposes. It would free me up from transferring docs from one students folder to another students folder, while they are working on a project and I can use that time to focus on engaging in conversation with students to enhance their learning.

Michael had my thoughts spinning and I felt overwhelmed, as many of my classmates have stated. In order to get rid of the feeling of being overwhelmed I had to watch the presentation a couple of times. As each week goes by this semester, my excitement for teaching and learning is renewed. I am constantly thinking about how I am going to improve on incorporating technology into my practice. The use of Google Apps for Education will allow a different way for my students to collaborate and a way to assess students for learning and of learning.

What I enjoyed about the information presented was that the students could work on a document at the same time, the chat, and the research and comment capabilities. This would make research, editing, and dialogue easier for the students; however I would need to explicitly teach them how to pull out important information and not just copy and paste everything into the document. After reading Jeremy Black’s post about our guest speaker, I need to start my students with the power of Google Drive and Google Docs when collaborating on a project and then move into other apps or let students explore and see what they come up with.

Google Forms and Drawing is new to me as I do not use them. I see a huge benefit to a school using Google Forms as a way to survey the school community or even students around the world.  Form could be used for any subject, but I would use them in Math, Science, or Social Studies. I am unsure about using sites at this time, but as many of my classmates have said, “One step at a time.” I know from experience if I try to incorporate too much to fast, the lesson concepts are lost and the students just focus on learning the technology to get their assignment complete. Do any of you have this issue when you introduce too much to fast?

If someone is looking for help or wants to explore more in the google apps for education there is a cluster of videos on Youtube but there is more information on the Edtech teams website.

What apps do you use and how do you use them?


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