Going to School Globally

lego tower As a kid did you ever create cupcakes with play doh, and try to build a tower out of all of your lego or your dream house? We had the privilege last week to listen to Sylvia Martinez and my mind is racing.  One way is to talk less and let the kids discover more. This quote from the discussion really resonated with me as a teacher and a mother.  I talk way to much and kids do not do enough discovering. I definitely need to think about my middle years program and how I can get some of these into my teaching.

1) start small

2) I don’t need a 3-D printer I can use cardboard

3) Squishy circuits is a must in my electricity unit

Check out the video

4) genius hour

5) Have the students use Scratch but unsure of where to go from here with an upper elementary

6) Hour of Code

There are a variety of Ideas and thanks to classmate Tammy Lee find there is a resource for maker movement on a budget. You can checkout her blog.



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Mother, Wife, Elementary Teacher, Grad student. Looking foward to using this blog as a reflection of my professional learning.
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One Response to Going to School Globally

  1. kennanelson says:

    I appreciate that you linked to Tammy’s blog. I admit, my first thought during the session with Sylvia Martinez was budget. It is difficult to dream sometimes because of how limited our resources are. A benefit of this class is that we have so many people who are sharing their thoughts and resources with each other:)

    Thanks for the post

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