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Reflection on Twitter Chat

On October 30, I was able to participate in my first twitter chat with #saskedchat. I found the experience to be very positive and excellent professional development. It felt great to get re-tweeted as it solidified I had a voice. Isn’t that what twitter, blogging and other social media should be used for? To have a voice. If you have not yet participated in a twitter chat, I highly recommend it. I have now experienced the power behind having a voice on-line and want my students to experience a similar feeling. I have lots of work to do before I head back into the classroom at the end of January, to prepare for student voices.


The topic was e-portfolios, although I was unable to participate in the full hour of chatter with other educators from North America, I enjoyed learning about how educators use student portfolios. What I learned was students should be the owners’ of their e-portfolios with guidance from teachers. There are a variety of different ways to use an e-portfolios and it could be beneficial for parents to read through it before they come to 3 way conferences. The other concern from teachers in the chat was the amount of time it can take for students to work on and for teachers to use as assessments as the e-portfolio’s can become very large with pod-casts, videos, pictures, etc. The key to e-portfolios is it must reflect the growth of student learning over time. To help get you started on an e-portfolio with students @kwhobbes shared his example and his #smya presentation, along with examples on Pearltrees. A BC educator suggested the use of FreshGrade for e-portfolios. At first glance, the site seems simple and easy to use and may save teachers time in creating portfolios with students.

I know kindergarten teachers in Saskatchewan are encouraged to take pictures throughout the year of student learning, Do any other grades take pictures for a learning portfolio? If so, how do you use the pictures in upper elementary school?



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Mother, Wife, Elementary Teacher, Grad student. Looking foward to using this blog as a reflection of my professional learning.
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4 Responses to Tweet, Twitter, Chatter

  1. Brittany Bandur says:

    Thanks for sharing your Twitter Chat experience Candy. I hope to participate in a chat one of these days too, but so far I have just been reading the content of a few. One reason for this is that I can do it on my own timeline and not have to be online at a certain time (something I find difficult to do with 2 kids under 3).

  2. I would like to participate in a SaskEdChat as well. How do you connect and what time does it begin? It’s every Thursday, correct?

    I have never used pictures of my Grade 5/6 students to build a portfolio, but one of my professional learning goals for this year is to involve them more in the goal-setting process. Perhaps, I can use photography to share their successes with parents during conferences!

    • Candy says:

      I search the hashtag to participate and then click on all posts. The key to participating is to make sure you refresh your page often. Saskedchat is every Thursday at 8pm. @Kwhobbes sends out a reminder and the topic for discussion on Wednesdays and during the day on Thursdays.

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