OHHHHHH, How Frustrating. . .

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Well my morning started off great and I was on a roll with blogging about digital storytelling. Last week we had the privilege of hearing Alan Levine (@cogdog) share on digital story telling. It was the inspiration which fed my creativity to share some of my frustrations with technology this week.

How many times have you had something like that happen to you?

Bright Idea 

Hey, why don’t I create a short digital story to share the frustrations of today. Well, I spent my daughter’s afternoon nap (3hrs long) creating my story. There were a few hiccups along the way, but I got it all to work out. By the time I got to the point to record the story, she was up, so if you heard a small voice in the background, it was her.  Yes, it took that long to write, find the right pictures, chose the tool to create it (Photostory), place the pictures in the right order, find the headset with the microphone and then record the voice until the story matched up with the correct picture and there was no “click” sound in the background.

It is important to know what exactly it is you want to accomplish when creating a digital story as some tools might not allow you to do what it is you want to do, where others will. For example, I first chose movie maker. I got my pictures all line up with opening and closing credits created and realized I needed to record the story using another program and I would have to work on timing to get the pictures to line up with the story. The program did not do what I wanted to complete, so I chose Photostory because I knew I could record my story based on the picture and that made life a little easier and allowed me to create the story a little quicker.

I now know how my students felt while working on their haunted radio plays and book trailers. Frustrating and rewarding at the same time. It can be frustrating when technology doesn’t work and when your just putting the finishing touches on a project and it “disappears” in to the unknown (note to self save often). Rewarding in the time spent playing, and creating to enhance learning opportunities.  It is also a feeling of accomplishment when you can see the response to the finished product from peers in the classroom to peers around the world.

There are many ways and subject areas to incorporate digital story telling. I have used storytelling in Arts Education, and English. In Arts Ed the students have created picture radio plays and stop motion animation. Students had a lot of fun creating, exploring, and giving voice to characters. In English they created a book trailer to the book their group was reading. How do you incorporate digital story telling? What tools do you use?


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Mother, Wife, Elementary Teacher, Grad student. Looking foward to using this blog as a reflection of my professional learning.
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  1. Candy – looks like you are getting more proficient with technology! I noticed a few things about your posts. Make sure you are including lots of links and images! You might link to other students’ posts or to articles that you’ve read. Think more about how you might apply these ideas in a classroom, as well. In terms of your learning project, I’d like to see more reflection on the process of learning – that is, what online spaces are you learning from? How can you improve your learning through networks? What is it like to learn online? Challenges? Benefits? Show us more of the HOW.

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