Social Media and Family Life Balance


The semester for social media and open education class is  coming to a close. I continue to struggle to stay balanced, not sure how I’m going to balance staying a connected educator, and family life when I go back to work. I guess I will find out at the end of January.

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How did I do this semester?

There were days I spent my daughter’s naps on social media and still did not complete any writing on my own blog. Even after she went to bed, I was still on social media. My husband continually still asked about the amount of time I spent staring at the screen. I did admit that my eyes hurt. The one app of social media I haven’t spent a lot of time on is pintrest and I really didn’t miss it. I spent about 20 minutes every couple of weeks scrolling through and pinning ideas or recipes to try. Like this Ferro Rocher cake. It looks so good, it is going on the table at Christmas time.

My facebook time is down to about 5 minutes a day. I still need to shut off twitter and email notifications so I’m not tempted to look. I have become better of ignoring the bird tweeting on my phone and look when I got a minute and just delete the notification. Overall, I’m getting better at balancing social media and family life. I have also started back into an active lifestyle, which has help with the amount of time spent on social media.

My husband the other day asked me to put down my phone, because according to him I was spending 24/7 on social media. This got me thinking. Am I spending 24/7 on social media? I started reflecting on all the time I spend connected, and asked myself what am I missing out on because I’m connected 24/7 according to my husband. This is what I have discovered, if I do not limit the social media:

1) I can get caught up and overwhelmed by all the great blogs and tweets that I can spend hours reading.

2) I’m missing out on special time with my daughter and husband as I am connected and may miss out on some milestones of my daughters.

3) My daughter is going to think that it is ok to be connected even though there is time for face to face conversation.

I have decided after reading “How to Really Stop Checking Your Email Constantly,” that the article could apply to checking twitter, facebook, and pintrest.  These are all social media which I have been on constantly.  I’m not very productive during my daughter’s nap time as I’m constantly checking social media instead of focusing on the task which I need to do while she is sleeping.  These tasks generally consist of writing papers, reading, house work prep work for supper or baking.  I’m going to specifically set a time in the day where my daughter is napping to conduct the social media checks, then maybe I won’t feel so overwhelmed, my husand won’t feel like I am ignoring him and most importantly I won’t feel like I’m missing out on opportunities with my daughter as she grows.

Here is my plan:

1) spend no more than 30 minutes once a day on twitter and favorite blogs or links for later reading.

2) Facebook 10minutes. I love reading about what my family from across Canada is doing but sometimes it gets overwhelming as they are constantly posting.

3) 20minutes on pintrest and pin things for later read or to share with the class.

4) most importantly shut off notifications so I am not tempted to check.

This should take almost one whole nap time. WIth the time left, I can spend it blogging once or twice a week, learning a new skill (which I still need to decide fast as time is running out), or doing housework.  While my daughter is awake we can bake together, go for walks, read, swim and many other fun things to get my daughter interacting with the world around her.

During the second nap, I can spend more time reading and writing. Wish me luck!


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Mother, Wife, Elementary Teacher, Grad student. Looking foward to using this blog as a reflection of my professional learning.
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