Another class bites the dust

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First and foremost thank you Alec (@courosa) and Katia (@kbhildebrandt) for opening my eyes to the world of social media and its use in education in the course #ECI831. The course was informative and overwhelming and I learned a lot from it which I will take back to the classroom.

In the process of creating a summary of learning, I can now add Powtoon to my repitoire of presentation  software. I learned a lot about timing and how much I can put on one slide as each slide could only be 20 seconds long.  To help me out in the creation of the summary of learning, as I never used powtoon until this class, I first went to see if they had a google plus community and they do +Powtoon.  Here you can find helpful videos but it wasn’t enough for me. I went to good old youtube and found this video helpful as someone who has never used the website before.

Not only did I learn about social media, but I also learned about the history of technology, which is interesting considering I’m an 80’s child and grew up with the ever changing technology. Just in the last couple of weeks I watched the documentary Video Games: The Movie on Netflix. It brought me back to our first guest speak  Rick Schwier as he discussed the history of educational technology. The question what will they come up with next? generally resonnates with me when technology is talked about. But it isn’t what will come next as the what comes next is already in development and just waiting for a release date. I remember a comment was made to me a couple years back that it would be neat if our watches were our phones. I commented back it is probably already in the works and here we are in 2014 with phones on our wrists.

Rhizomatic learning

The first time I heard this term was when we had dave cromier as a guest speaker. I went rhizomatic what? What does that even mean? What does it mean for my learning? What does it mean for my teaching? For my learning, I can learn anything I want in a matter of different ways. MOOC’s allow for me to learn something new. For my teaching, I need to allow students to follow through with an idea even if it isn’t “on topic” as they are learning and will be able to show what they learned.


I have learned a lot about different websites and apps that are out there for education. You have taught me the difficulties you had with them and ways to get around those issues. You shared interesting articles which I have booked marked for later reading and I look forward to continuing to follow your journey through twitter. Jennie Davies thank you for sharing a social media experience of Aurasma. I look forward to using it with my students as they are going to think it is so cool and it gives me a great idea to bring the ipads to the classroom. I look forward to introducing it to my staff as well. I think the app would be great for staff meetings especially if someone is missing from it.
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Good luck with the rest of the school year, studies and Merry Christmas.


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