Crocheting Organization

When I first started crocheting I was concerned about my daughter getting into the projects and ripping all the yarn apart. It was frustrating enough when working on a project and having to rip 3 rows out just to fix one tiny mistake because I wasn’t paying much attention. Keeping my daughter out of the projects and yarn was a simple. I placed the yarn in two rubber maid containers, a smaller one for the yarn and project I was working on and a larger one for the extra yarn. Because I was working on a large project, I needed to keep track of the rows I had completed and what colour I was switching to, since I decided to use three different colours to create the afghan.

Keeping track of rows and colour



Photo Credit: Me

This page is in a binder. I also have the pattern in a pocket in front of the binder so it was easy to reference.

20141202_151757_Richtone(HDR) 20141202_151816_Richtone(HDR)

I also found it helpful to have a reference picture, so I was able to compare my crocheting to another’s for proper pattern creation.


How did I do?

Just like when you cook too much, when you have leftover yarn, I ask what do you do with the rest of it when you know you don’t have enough for another afghan?


I think I’m going to create granny squares, as I have other leftover yarn I can use. What would you create?

granny squares
Photo Credit: hddod via Compfight cc


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