Head in the clouds

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Audrey Watters brought me down to earth with her talk of on-line harrassment of women, race, and sexual orienation. Companies are not doing anything about it. Why? Because the giants are ran by the white privileged male. Women have been fighting for years to have a voice. A voice politically, in education, in the real world and now we need to fight to have a voice in the digital world. The statistics scare me as a new mother, educator and female. Women need to be bold, loud and active and keep making noise, so girls who cannout even speak yet can be confident to share opinion and speak their minds without the feeling of what will be said to me, about me, threats they may receive. It is even scarier knowing our young boys are being influenced by older men in the gaming community. Who is responsible for teaching our young men it is not OK to______________. Do our parents even know the influence gaming with interactive chat has on a young mind?

After the discussion, I brought it up with my husband and he blamed the Westren world not encouraging our females to go into engineering, computer science, and other technology related field. He then went on to explain how in India women have just as much opportunity to get a technology degree as the men there. In some cases women get hired by big companies because their test scores were higher then a man’s. He continued to explain to me the situation with fact after fact after fact (insert eyeroll) (mansplaining). He completely missed the point I was trying to get across to him of the harassment issues online, as he interrupted me.

The statement “a man will interrupt an interject and explain whatever the topic is more loudly, more forcefully, with all the assurdness”, is so true as I experience it within my family. I have even got to the point where I have said I’m done listening because the topic has now become dead to me or I walk away because the men are not listening to me and I no longer feel a part of the conversation. They are talking over me. I wonder how this reaction will playout as my daughter grows up. Both my husband and I want her to be a strong, independent female, but what will her experiences be? Will she end up be quieted because she is not heard? Harrassed because she has ideas, facts and opinions which someone or group of people will disagree and feel she needs to be “put in her place”.





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