Major Digital Project Final

I have been busily spending hours finishing up the afghan I have been working on all semester along with some small projects on the side. There are a few things I have learned about learning in an on-line community.

1. I need to watch 3 or 4 videos with different approaches to decide which way best works for me.

2. There are more than just videos as there are on-line communities in Google plus and the people in them are more than willing to help as long as I ask for help.

3. There are books with patterns available for a fee and free.

4. I can get tips, tricks and patterns via twitter with the hashtag #crochet

5. I am now following @crochetme and @crochet4kids thanks to @tara_3. You can read her blog here.

There are few things I still need to work on when it comes to crocheting, but I will keep working at it and I will get better.

My daughter made a great model for the products I created.

The headband

20141202_144911_Richtone(HDR) 20141202_144819_Richtone(HDR)I had a little help putting the finishing touches on the afghan as well.

20141202_101847_Richtone(HDR) 20141202_101823 20141202_101828

But when it was all done and gave it to her for the first time this was her reaction

I am so happy I learned how to crochet and was able to complete a few projects while working on the skill. In the process I let go of my fear of uploading videos to youtube and posting them for the world to see.


About Candy

Mother, Wife, Elementary Teacher, Grad student. Looking foward to using this blog as a reflection of my professional learning.
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